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How do you get to be a Shopping Destinations Maker capable of generating innovative retail formats and become the leading Italian company in the Outlet segment?

You need definite SKILLS, that’s for sure. And HIGH STANDARDS.
You also need to have the COURAGE to THINK BIG.
It’s a good idea to set ambitious goals for yourself and never rest on your laurels. Indeed, you’d do well to forget about your past successes, because you know you’ll be judged on the next project, not on the ones behind you.
INNOVATION and CREATIVITY are valuable attributes, of course, but they aren’t worth much without strong ties to your LOCATION and those where you operate.
Never overlook values like SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY and sustainability: they are absolutely essential.
SPEED is important too. But QUICK THINKING is an even more precious gift, so is FLEXIBILITY: because the problems are never the same and the solutions may change from time to time, requiring the ability to ADAPT.
You may have the NUMBERS on your side, but you have to earn the TRUST of your stakeholders every day.
You should always strive to OVERCOME ANY LIMITS, both the real ones and even more so the ones that only exist in your mind. That’s how you get to be Promos, founded as a family enterprise and now a strong, modern FAMILY COMPANY.